How do I know my ball python is going to shed? A week or so before your ball python actually sloughs its skin (sheds), the eyes will go opaque and take on a blueish colour, and its belly will turn pink. A week or so later, your ball python will look normal but where's the shed? Wait two days. A ball usually goes back to normal for a day or so after being "blue". Many people think that the snake has eaten its own shed, which is not the case. Within a day or two, if the temperatures and humidity is correct, your ball python will shed its skin in one perfect piece. How often should my ball python shed? That depends on a few factors: How old your ball python is and how often they eat.  Ball pythons shed because the skin that they are in is too small for their growing bodies, so the more often your ball python eats, the more your ball python will shed. Younger ball pythons are growing at enormous rates, so you should expect them to shed every 3-4 weeks for the first 6 months or so of their life. Adult ball pythons continue to grow their entire lives, but the majority of their growing is done by adulthood, so they will not shed as often, expect every 6 weeks to 4 months.     updated Feb 1, 2011